Netherworld on the Amstrad CPC

In Netherworld the object is to fly a small spacecraft and collect as many diamonds as possible from the level. Once enough diamonds are collected, the craft must reach a teleporter to go to the next level before the time runs out.

Aside of the time limit, there are various obstacles, ranging from monsters to items which can damage the craft or block the path. The ship can destroy some obstacles by shooting, sometimes turning them to diamonds as well.

An entertaining shoot em up with good graphics and sound, levels get harder when you complete them. This game is best described as probably an improved boulderdash clone


Infinite Time :
64A2 00
Lives :
27BF 00

25CF 00
26D8 00
27A3 00
27A4 00
27A5 00



Netherworld screenshot
Netherworld screenshot



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