California Games on the Commodore 64

California Games

The games series was among the most popular on the Commodore 64 and many other home computers and consoles, this variant introduced sports or activities that were supposedly popular in California, whether this was the case was another matter

Some of the events were

The events included all of the following:

Roller skating
Flying disc


California Games - foot bag
California Games – foot bag


California games - bmx racing
California games – bmx racing


California games - frisbee throwing
California games – frisbee throwing


The fact these events were a bit obscure actually enhanced the game in a way, rather than standard games you had a few new ones and being based supposedly in California meant the backdrops could reflect the scenery as well

For the time these games were superior to many others that were available, the graphics were superb, the audio was very good, the gameplay was just right – some games you could master relatively quickly whereas others were slightly more difficult to pick up.

A few comedy elements such as comments on the screen when you fell off the bike in the BMX race or when you hit a gull flying overhead in the footbag also added to the appeal of the game.

The most important point of the game was breaking your records and competing against others and the ‘games’ series were perfect for this



Some of the events mentioned


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