Ghostbusters on the Commodore 64

There was so many film tie-ins in the 80’s it was hard to believe, sadly a lot of them turned out to be utter rubbish clearly trying to cash in on the success of the movies.

Ghostbusters was a bit different though because at the time it was a decent game, the concept was that you were setting up a Ghostbusters franchise in a new town and you had a certain budget, spending this wisely you would buy a vehicle with a selection of equipment and then try and capture those ghosts.

You would then see a map of a city and the buildings would flash purple or red, purple was a potential sighting, red was a sighting. When you arrived if there was a ghost you would put down a trap and position the 2 ghostbusters to hopefully trap the ghost between the beams and then into the trap.


This is where you could go wrong, crossing the streams was bad, if you missed one of your ghostbusters would be slimed but if successful they did a little jig.

You could also catch ghosts with your car (if you had the right equipment) and got paid for this. What you had to watch out for was that when enough ghosts appeared then eventually you would get a visit from the marshmallow man.

A lot to explain but the video below helps.


At the time the graphics were good, there was the tune and effects and even digitized speech. Initially the gameplay seemed difficult but in the end you could figure out how to catch the ghosts quite easily.

In the end it was on of the better movie tie-in’s with a game that was actually fun and playable




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