IK+ on the Commodore 64

In IK+, three people fight against each other on a beach, trying to be the first to score six points. After every two rounds, there is a bonus game which is either deflecting bouncing balls.

The game can be played by one or two players, at least one fighter is always controlled by the computer. Unlike International Karate, there is only one backdrop. However, different parts of the backdrop can be recoloured to several different themes by the players using specific keystrokes.

There were a total of 14 moves to get your head round using the joystick and fire button combinations, points are awarded for succesful kicks and punches, the first to get to 5 points or get the highest amount of points in 30 seconds. The top two players advance to the next round.

Graphically it was excellent with very good character graphics and movement, there was only one backdrop but various little touches added that extra to this. The sound fx were spot on and this coupled with a Rob Hubbard soundtrack made the game audibly appealing as well, the game was tougher with the three players and really came into effect when there were two human players.

At the time this was the best fighting game on the commodore 64 and one of the few times when a sequel bettered teh original (remember when games used to do that)

Dust down the emulator, load it up and give it a play – its still a great game.



IK+ on the Commodore 64
IK+ on the Commodore 64
IK+ on the Commodore 64
IK+ on the Commodore 64




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