Leader Board on the Commodore 64

Leaderboard is one of the great games on the Commodore 64, there were a couple of flavours of it but when it was first released it gained very good reviews and high ratings. the game had very basic sound effects and no background music but had 4 courses and up to 4 players could play, meaning it had that all important competitive element as you could play against others

Club selection was vital and there also maps of the holes, there were 3 levels of difficulty with novice being really easy and Professional introducing wind and slice or hook


  • Joystick left/right: setting the direction of the stroke
  • Fire: the length of holding corresponds to the strength of the stroke (power display)
  • Fire: pressing for the second time carries out the stroke (watch the snap display!)

Levels of difficulty:

Novice The wind has no influence on the stroke. Ball goes straight all the time
Amateur The wind has no influence on the stroke. You can slice or hook the ball .
Professional The wind influences the stroke. You can slice or hook the ball .


Club Distances:

For reference, very handy these

Club minimum [Yards] maximum [Yards]
1W 156 271
3W 135 245
5W 128 234
1I 110 220
2I 100 210
3I 88 202
4I 70 189
5I 67 181
6I 55 169
7I 50 153
8I 36 138
9I 26 117
PW – Pitching Wedge 11 83
Putter 1 Inch 64 Feet





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