Park Patrol on the Commodore 64

Park Patrol was released by Firebird on the Commodore 64

In Park Patrol players took control of a park ranger. The aim was to tidy up rubbish from the waters of the lake and the shoreline. On the shore was the ranger’s hut, which contained a supply of food to top up energy.

To move around on the water the ranger had an inflatable dinghy with an outboard motor.

Park Patrol
Park Patrol

The enemies

The turtles which would kill on contact, if they fell into the water they could be rescued for points but would turn into a fast-moving green turtle if left for too long

The snakes lurking in the water which punctured the dinghy, but could be scared away temporarily by dropping snake repellent

The swimmers, if they were swimming they sank the yacht, if they were drowning  they could be rescued for points

The ants stole food from the hut, which could be recovered by knocking into them from the side

Bonus features.

A strange plant near the hut “grew” every time the ranger walked into it. When it flowered, the ranger was granted a short period of immunity.

By approaching at the right angle, the ranger could jump out of the dinghy and land on the logs floating on the water. Surviving for long enough in this log rolling section awarded bonus points.

Once all the litter on the level was collected, a bonus was awarded based on energy remaining. The next level would then start with more enemies.


Park Patrol
Park Patrol




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