Rambo: First Blood Part II on the Commodore 64

Rambo: First Blood Part II was released at a time when the Soviet Union (Russia) were the big bad guys, countless US movies and games were released to enforce this view, ignoring the blatant propaganda regarding the film , the game actually proved to be a very good game.


The game is viewed from a semi-top down perspective, and follows the movie’s story. The player, controlling Rambo, has to find his lost equipment, locate the POW camp, rescue the hostages and make it back to the extraction point, while being pursued by constantly respawning enemies. Rambo starts off with just a Bowie knife and grenades (both of which have an unlimited supply, as with all the weapons), and gains points for killing the enemy, and for collecting the following equipment: Rocket Launcher, M16 Rifle, and Bow & Arrows (Explosive & Non Explosive).

The game was one of the first to feature controllable vehicles (a helicopter), and also one of the first to feature stealth elements, that is if you went in with all guns blazing more enemies would appear. It was as stated a good game and was heavily inspired by Commando and Ikari Warriors


On the C64 I actually found Rambo to be a better game than Commando.



I enabled the cheat mode just so you could see random explosions and so on.


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