Wizball on the Commodore 64

Wizball was one of the all time great games on the Commodore 64 the graphics were very good with interesting backdrops and sprites, the sound was fantastic at the time with an excellent title tune the highlight. The control mechanism was slightly awkward to get the hang off but once mastered the game was tremendous to play. This game probably features in most Top 10’s for the Commodore 64, if not even higher than that. Its still fun too play today.

Wizball is a horizontally scrolling game taking place over eight levels, which involves navigating around a landscape and shooting at sprites. However, the aim of the game is to collect droplets of coloured paint to colour the level. Each level starts off as monochromatic, drawn in three shades of grey, and needs three colours (red, blue, and green) to be collected to complete it. The player, a wizard who has taken the form of a green ball, can navigate between the levels through portals. At first the wizard only has access to the first three levels, but completing levels gains access to further levels. Each level has bouncing spheres of a different colours, and shooting them releases droplets, which may be collected. At the same time, each level needs a different colour to be added, which can be composed by collecting sufficient quantities of the correct colours. On later levels, the spheres of paint start shooting bullets, further adding to the challenge.

The wizard himself is not capable of collecting paint droplets, and is initially capable of very limited movement, bouncing up and down at a fixed rate, with the player only controlling a speed of rotation, and thus how fast it will move horizontally after next touching the ground. Collecting green bubbles (which appear when certain types enemies have been shot) gives the player tokens which can be used to “buy” enhancements, such as greater control over movement and improved firepower. It also allows the option to summon the companion known as Catellite. Catellite ¬†which is also spherical in form normally follows the wizard, but it can also be moved independently by holding down the fire button whilst moving the joystick (which meanwhile renders the wizard uncontrollable). Only Catellite is capable of collecting paint droplets and the player has to use it to do so. In the two-player co-op mode, Catellite is controlled by the second player.



Wizball screenshot
Wizball screenshot
Wizball screenshot
Wizball screenshot



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