World Class Leader Board on the Commodore 64

World Class Leader Board

Leader Board was a ground breaking game at the time on the Commodore 64, World Class Leaderboard took this a step further by adding a variety of courses with traditional golf related features.

Whereas Leader Board consisted of 4 water based courses which meant that you could reasonably quickly learn where to position tee shots and other shots, World Class Leaderboard added in trees, rough, bunkers and water hazards such as streams.

Graphically this meant the game was superior to the original although the sound effects stayed pretty similar consisting of basic golf related noises.

These had the effect of adding to the difficulty of the game as a tree could block your next shot and the bunkers and rough would affect the distance of your next shot. This is in turn meant that although the original leaderboard was extremely easy to play on the easiest skill level this game had a little more difficulty

World Class Leaderboard
World Class Leaderboard

There were four courses; Cypress Creek, Doral Country Club, St Andrews, and the made up Gauntlet Country Club. Other features in the final version included an overhead view, the punch shot, a printable score card, the use of RealSound, and a course editor which allowed changes to be made to the existing courses

More courses were included on expansion disks which were later released.

The control mechanism was the same as leader board in that you had to judge the power and then snap for the swing, on the easiest level the snap had no impact on harder levels it did. In addition on harder levels the wind would have effect

World Class Leaderboard - another putt lips out
World Class Leaderboard – another putt lips out


  • Joystick left/right: setting the direction of the stroke
  • Fire: the length of holding corresponds to the strength of the stroke
  • Fire: pressing for the second time carries out the stroke

Knowing the minimum and maximum distances were vital, so here they are for reference



Club minimum [Yards] maximum [Yards]
1W 156 271
3W 135 245
5W 128 234
1I 110 220
2I 100 210
3I 88 202
4I 70 189
5I 67 181
6I 55 169
7I 50 153
8I 36 138
9I 26 117
PW – Pitching Wedge 11 83
Putter 1 Inch 64 Feet



9 holes of Cypress creek played very badly


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