Zoom on the Commodore 64

Zoom! is a puzzle game.

In this game, the player controls the character, Mr. Smart. The player navigates around a total of 36 faux 3D style game boards, skating through the gridlines of each tile on the board. Doing so causing the gridlines to change colors.

Once a grid tile is completely surrounded by colored lines, it flashes. The game board is completed when the player has successfully skated on every line of the grid.

The player must avoid various enemies on each game board including Space Phantoms, Rowdy Fingers, and Spilers, the latter of which removes colored lines the player had previously skated upon.

Coming into contact with the enemies can cause the player to lose a life or otherwise be hindered, such as slowing the character’s skating speed.

Completing the level defeats all enemies on the game board. However, the player can also use a limited about of rubber balls to defeat enemies as well.

The player can also collect power ups in the game, including Ribbon Candy, which add additional game points, Bananas that slow certain game enemies, and an Hour Glass that freezes all enemies for a brief period as well as a Sun that provides the player with temporary invincibility

It was a good idea but the colour of the enemy sprites could have been better. It got a bit samey after a while


zoom screenshot
zoom screenshot


Here is some basic gameplay


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