Krakout on ZX Spectrum

Krakout is a breakout clone – that tried to capture the success of Arkanoid.

It is still quite a playable game to this day and the ball movement is still quite smooth which is the key thing with any breakout clone.

krakout on zx spectrum
krakout on zx spectrum

It played from the side rather than from the bottom which slightly differs from traditional breakout and you could also slightly configure the paddle



P Up
L Down
Space Fire
1 Pause on/off


Some bricks when hit will roll over. These are bonuses. The ball must hit this brick to receive the bonus.

G Glue: The Ball sticks to the bat.
B Bomb: There is a massive explosion destroying adjacent blocks.
S Shield: Makes a barrier appear behind you.
M Missile: Gives you one missile to fire.
Bat Slow down: Slows the ball down slightly.
x2 Times two: Doubles scoring.
D Double bat: Gives you another bat in front of your present
bat. This gives some protection against Aliens.
X Extra man: Gives you an extra live.
E Expand: Makes your bat expand.



You can input these in using an emulator

Always Have Shield 45285,24
Always Have Expand Bat 45285,24:45453,0
Always Have Expand Bat & Shield 45285,24:45453,0:45475,0
Always Have Glue Bat 45285,24:45352,0
Always Have Glue Bat & Shield 45285,24:45352,0:45358,0
Always Have Missile 45285,24:45403,0
Always Have Missile & Shield 45285,24:45403,0:45432,0:45449,0
Always Have Bomb 45285,24:45362,0
Always Have Bomb & Shield 45285,24:45362,0:45399,0
Always Have Double Bat 45285,24:45479,0
Always Have Double Bat & Shield 45285,24:45479,0:45485,0
Immune To Bees 53217,201
Immune To Cannibal Ball 53581,201
No Enemies 52383,201



The first 2 levels here


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