Ancipital on the Commodore 64

Ancipital is usually classed as a typical Jeff Minter game meaning that it has no storyline and a slightly unusual setting.

You are a yak which can walk on two legs and shoots at enemies with bananas, the projectiles change in different levels.

You can jump and flip upside down onto the ceiling to attack your foes as well, making the movement slightly unusual in a shoot em up type game

The gameplay involves you shooting at various enemies until the floor or walls change which allows you to move to the next screen which can be seen on the map in the corner of the screen. Each level has different themes.

This was one of those games that should really have sold better and become more famous than it did, the graphics, sound and gameplay were all first rate but it seems that at this time if you didn’t release games under a certain ‘brand’ then you wouldn’t make as many sales, shame really as this is a good un, well worth a game or two on your favourite C64 emulator


Reset the machine with a cartridge and type in:
POKE 18679,173



Anciptal screenshot
Anciptal screenshot


Anciptal screenshot
Anciptal screenshot



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