Katakis and Denaris on the C64

Katakis was an interesting game in that when it was first released there was an objection from Activision who claimed that it was too similar to R-Type (they had a point). It was later rebranded as Denaris

Katakis has a very similar theme as the game R-Type, with multiple levels, power-ups and various end-bosses. Players must eliminate enemy opponents to reach various end bosses. One major innovation is the fact that the two-player mode features the second player controlling the Force module.

This creates an unusual play strategy of the attacker and the defender, since the main ship is vulnerable to enemy fire and hazards.

There was a plot to the game –

The game takes place on the planet Katakis, a human colony in deep space. There, scientists developed machinery with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities. However, the machines eventually evolved beyond the control of their human creators and overtook the planet. The humans attempted to retaliate through the use of nuclear ballistic missiles, but the machines survived.

The colonists’ remaining plan is to use a series of DS-H75 Eagle Fighter space gliders to attack the machines and retake the planet.







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