180 on the ZX Spectrum

Darts can be a tricky game to cover, 180 from Mastertronic Added Dimension managed to succeed.

The game involved controlling a hand via the standard up, down, left and right and then throw using the fire key. You could customize these keys.

The game played well although the computer opponents seem to throw some great darts at first then miss the doubles.

The player competes in 501 darts against other darts players waiting in a championship tournament with normal darts rules applying, subtracting your score from 501 to zero whilst finishing on a double.

Beginning at the quarter finals, the player must win a best of three match to advance through the tournament. Win another match in the semi final stage to advance to the final and face the World Champion Jammy Jim.

There are a total of eight computer-controlled opponents in the game. Before the start of the match, the computer randomly selects an opponent, though Jammy Jim can only be played in the final.

The opponents are Del Boy Desmond Sure Shot Sidney, Devious Dave, Limp Wrist Larry, Beer Belly Bill, Mega Mick, Tactical Tel, and Jammy Jim.

In the final match however, the player needs to win just one leg against him to win the tournament. Players can also compete against another human player or play Round the Clock, throwing darts around the dartboard from 20 to 1 within a time limit.




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