R-type on the ZX Spectrum

In R-Type the game is composed of several sequential levels, with a boss enemy at the end of each. The player controls a small spacecraft and must navigate terrain and fight enemies using the various ship weapons. The player’s spacecraft has, by default, a weak but rapid-firing main gun; and a more powerful gun called a wave cannon, which requires the player to hold their fire to build up power for the cannon.

During the game, the player can obtain an auxiliary device called a Force. This resembles a glowing orange ball. The Force can be attached to the front or back of the player’s spacecraft, or detached to fly freely. When attached, the Force provides one of three different powerful weapons, in addition to the main gun and the wave cannon. When detached, these weapons cannot be used, but the Force will instead resort to a secondary set of guns, which can be fired by the player even if the Force is at a distance from the spacecraft. The Force has a secondary use as a shield; it is completely indestructible and can block most things fired at it, as well as damage or destroy enemies on contact.

The gameplay of R-Type is noticeably distinct among shoot ’em ups. Invariably the player will lose, not because of an inequality in firepower, but because of the design of the levels themselves. There is usually a ‘correct’ way to get through a level, but players must learn these by experience – i.e. by losing and restarting from earlier in the level. The game innovated with its weapon system compared to contemporary shooters, featuring a chargeable shot (“beam-meter”), and detachable ‘force’ pod; levels were designed to require different tactics and ideal weapons (air-to-air, diagonal bouncing lasers, or air-to-ground laser).

The ZX Spectrum version was an excellent shoot em up, arguably the best one on the home computer



Multiface pokes
Infinite Lives 37374,0
Weird 38241,22:38242,154
Immunity 38253,58:38260,58:50049,0


Absolute Invincibility(?!) – 37362,201

This allows to go past Everybody and Everything… 🙂

POKE 37362,201 + POKE 38240,0 + POKE 38241,0 = Immortality
POKE 38241,6 + POKE 38242,154 = Makes you fly upside down!
POKE 38241,14 + POKE 38242,154 = Makes you fly back to front!
POKE 38241,22 + POKE 38242,154 = Makes you fly upside down and back to front!!
POKE 38241,254 + POKE 38242,153 = Gets you back to normal.
POKE 34930,195 = Removes the background scenery.
POKE 38242,0 = This makes you disappear completely so you can’t be hit by any of the aliens, although you can kill yourself on the background scenery.

The next set of POKEs is a bit more useful. It provides you with an extra key, W. When pressed your ship is provided with a complete complement of attachments along with the ripple laser for extra firepower.

5B00 01 FE FB ED 78 E6 02 20
5B08 0B 01 1D 00 11 A3 7A 21
5B10 18 5B ED B0 C3 79 89 00
5B18 01 03 01 01 01 00 0B 08
5B20 00 0C 0A 01 04 09 02 06
5B28 02 0D 0A 07 06 0A 0E 00
5B20 00 00 03 03 00 00 00 00

Followed by: POKE 34388,0 and POKE 34389,91

Type-in hacks

Note: Stop your R-Type tape when the border flashes. Restart the tape when the border goes black.

 1 FOR a=23296 TO 65535
 2 READ f: IF f=999 THEN RANDOMIZE USR 23296
 3 POKE a,f: NEXT a
 4 REM R-Type Infy lives and Attempts
 5 REM It's a Complete Mystery To Turbo As Well Crash
10 DATA 243,62,255,55,221
11 DATA 33,203,92,17,195
12 DATA 11,205,86,5,48
13 DATA 241,175,50,35,93
14 DATA 205,22,93,30,119
15 DATA 33,147,243,1,85
16 DATA 11,52,11,35,120
17 DATA 177,32,249,29,123
18 DATA 211,254,32,237,62
19 DATA 202,50,123,251,205
20 DATA 109,251,33,68,91
21 DATA 175,50,43,252,34
22 DATA 22,254,49,0,0
23 DATA 195,222,254,62,201
24 DATA 50,80,254,205,64
25 DATA 254,33,90,91,17
26 DATA 22,106,1,10,0
27 DATA 237,176,195,0,106
28 DATA 175,50,254,145,50
29 DATA 149,146,195,253,133
30 DATA 999





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