Another classic shoot-em-up,  Uridium consisted of fifteen levels, each named after a metal element, with the last level being called Uridium

In Uridium each level takes place at a fixed altitude just above the surface of the Dreadnoughts. The screen scrolls horizontally in both directions as the Manta flies over the Dreadnoughts. Each Dreadnought has a different configuration of walls and other structures which must be negotiated in order to reach the landing zone. This task is hampered by squadrons of enemy fighters that attack the Manta in waves. Lastly, flashing ports on the Dreadnought’s surface release homing mines that cannot be destroyed. It takes a skillful Manta pilot to outfly the mines until they self-detonate.

Only when enough of the Dreadnought’s defenses have been destroyed is the “Land Now!” signal activated, allowing the player to slow the Manta’s speed to a minimum and land on the sternward landing zone. After this, the pilot presumably enters the interior of the mothership and sets its nuclear reactor to self-destruct. Finally, the Manta takes off again as the Dreadnought below it crumbles to atoms. As the Manta flies over the Dreadnought again the player has the opportunity to shoot any remaining defences.

Later Dreadnoughts have tricky wall configurations where the gap between the walls is so narrow that the Manta must turn sideways in order to pass through it. This required skillful use of the joystick. More skill could be exhibited (and more points awarded) by ignoring the “Land Now!” signal and destroying the elite fighters that attacked in waves of one.



Left – Z
Right – X
Up – L
Fire – ENTER

Pause – P (fire to restart)
Quit – Q



Infinite Lives 31307,33
Immunity 55419,0:55420,255




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